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STODID has moved!
February 5, 2007

See HERE for up-to-date information regarding STODID.


Episode #42 of STODID
November 9, 2006

In this episode of, Avery Glasser, CTO at

Avery is a product architect, designer and manager with a decade-long focus on managed voice services, federated security and biometrics. Prior to co-founding VxV Solutions, Avery designed and managed products for Genesys Telecommunications, VoicInt Telecommunications, VOICE.TRUST, MCI and The Hartford. Avery works with Opus Research as an advisor and specialist on issues of network and enterprise solution architectures, voice self service implementations and contact center automation.

In this podcast we talk about the origins of VxVSolutions, their recent launch of vAuth (voice authentication platform) and integration with OpenID. In addition we talk about what markets Avery believes will be particularly receptive to their new product offerings.

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Episodes #40 and #41
November 4, 2006

are here and here respectively.

Episode #39 of Stodid
October 19, 2006

This is the “IdCommons” interview with Kaliya Hamlin (IdentityWoman) and Eugune Eric Kim. For all the details see HERE.

Episode #38 of Stodid
October 12, 2006

The next installment of STODID has been posted here. This time around I interview Gabe Wachob, Chief Technology Officer of Amsoft and Equals. Gabe is also co-chair, Editor of the Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI) Technical Committee at OASIS. We talk about a number of topics, chief among them the increasing business opportunities that are emerging around digital identity technologies.

To listen now click HERE.

Episode #36 of Stodid
September 27, 2006

This one probably does’t qualify as an “episode” for details see …. here.

Also please note that I’m moving Stodid related postings to:

I’ll continue to post reminders of that fact here as I put new episodes up to remind everybody for a while.



Episode #35
July 19, 2006

In this episode of

I interview Peter Davis of NeuStar. In this podcast Peter and talk about how he got involved in digital identity first at UUNET, then at NeuStar and also through an affiliation with and i-Names.

We conclude by talking about NeuStar’s recent announcement with Cordance of the Global I-Names Registry.

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Episode #34 of Stodid
July 12, 2006

In this episode of

I interview Dale Olds, Distinguished Engineer at Novell and leader of the Bandit project.

Dale Olds was Awarded the Distinguished Engineer title at Novell in 2002.

Dale was the lead designer and implementor of NDS and eDirectory from 1990 to 2000. He is currently working on the evolution of directory services. Previous work includes applications for NetWare 2.15 and 3. Dale is listed as an inventor on 8 patents and has received Novell’s Edison, President’s, and Inventor Hall of Fame awards. His recent industry experience focused on Linux and internet content delivery services. Dale has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Utah.

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Episode #33 of Stodid
July 5, 2006

In this episode of

I interview Conor Cahill of Intel Corp., formerly of AOL Inc., and a member of the Liberty Alliance throughout.

Conor and I talk about his involvement in the early days of Liberty and how Microsoft’s Hailstorm project was a catalyst for both the development and architecture of the Liberty protocols.

In addition we discuss Liberty’s People Service and Conor shares his views on the viability of a single identity protocol.

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Episode #32 of Stodid
June 28, 2006

In this episode of

I interview Sal Cali who is CEO/President and Founder of SRCTechnologies, Inc and Scott Pollack COS/EVP of SRC Technologies.

What peaked my interest in this company was a series of claims they made regarding the patented technology and it’s “unhackability”.

Equally interesting is their claim that their technology is the “closest emulation of the human ever created in computing” and is based on heuristic artificial intelligence, which “learns” and “makes predictions.”

In this episode I spoke to Sal and Scott to try to get a deeper understanding of the technology they’ve developed and to learn more about their plans regarding the implementation and licensing of their technology.

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SRCTech Inc.

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