Episode #30

In this episode of The Story Of Digital Identity (logo),

I interview Fred Stutzman,

co-founder of .

Fred is a Ph.D. student at the University of North Carolina, and the co-founder of ClaimID. Originially from Albany, NY, he is currently located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Fred's academic interests include identity representation, social software, the net-generation, and social effects of technology. ClaimID, created by Fred and Terrell Russell, is a step in that direction.

Of particular interest (at least to me) is Fred's description of his research regarding the use of Facebook among college age students and changing conceptions of what privacy means.

Also note that in the weeks since completing this podcast, ClaimID has added MicroID-based link verification, which is going to be an integral part of ClaimID's verification services. To learn more see what Terrell (ClaimID co-founder) has been working on with OpenID and multi-factor authentication – ClaimID is going to seriously turn some heads when we launch this initaitive.

Show Notes:


Fred's Google Tech Talk: Our Lives, Our Facebooks

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3 Responses

  1. […] A few weeks ago, ClaimID spoke with Aldo Castañeda, the man behind the must-listen identity podcast The Story of Digital Identity. Today, Aldo posted the interview, and we’re quite pleased with the result. In the interview, we explore ClaimID – the service, the problem we’re trying to solve, the challenges, the design decisions – attempting to give folks more of an idea of where we’re coming from.  Podcasts like Aldo’s are vital for helping us spark the conversation we need to be having about our search identity. Listen to this podcast – and if you’re even tangentially interested in Identity 2.0, subscribe. The previous episodes with Dave Evans (link) and Johannes Ernst and Dick Hardt (link) were very informative and enjoyable.  Thanks to Aldo – you’re really doing the identity community a great service with your work. […]

  2. […] I’m taking notes while listening to Aldo’s podcast with Fred Stutzman at ClaimID. Aldo knows everyone in the identity space and I was happy to turn him on to ClaimID, which I had learned about just days before Aldo and I did our podcast. […]

  3. how to claim the wining lottrey

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