Episode #26

In this episode of The Story Of Digital Identity (logo) I interview Brett McDowell of the Liberty Alliance.

As director of Liberty Alliance, Brett McDowell is responsible for managing the strategic direction of the consortium based on policies established by the officers and members of the management board. He works with all of Liberty’s expert and special interest groups in support of global output and manages relationships with members, potential members and other standards organizations worldwide.

Prior to joining Liberty Alliance, McDowell held senior positions with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards organizations. He has worked with Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), the VoiceXML Forum and the SyncML Initiative, and has spent his career dedicated to facilitating the advancement of a networked society through collaborative development and global adoption of open industry standards. McDowell has a degree in physics from Alma College.

Brett and I spoke about a number of subject, including Liberty's projection that 1 billion identities will be "Liberated" during 2006. We also spoke about Brett's role at Liberty and whether Microsoft's InfoCard will interoperate with Liberty's protocols among other things.

Other show notes:

– The Story of Digital Identity -> Please add yourself to the Frappr Map!

Jerry Falwell

Project Liberty

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