Episode #24

In this episode of The Story Of Digital Identity (logo) I interview Christopher Zannetos, President and CEO of Courion.

Mr. Zannetos was a co-founder and is currently CEO of Courion and is responsible for setting Courion's strategic direction. Under his leadership since 1996, the company has built a customer base of over 250 customers, including 60 of the Fortune 500, and has been recognized as a leader in the Enterprise Provisioning market with a number of awards including the Upside Hot 100, Computerworld's Emerging Companies to Watch, SC Magazine Global Award for Best Identity Management Solution, eWEEK Excellence Award for Best Authentication and User Management Product, and the Harold Short Award given annually to the single most innovative technology in the IT Service industry. Zannetos is co-chair of the TechNet CEO Cybersecurity Task Force and sits on the Digital ID World (DIDW) Industry Advisory Board.

In this interview Mr. Zannetos I ask Mr. Zannetos to give the audience a quick introdocution to Courion. We also discuss the strategic drivers of Courion's business and why he believes facilitating both compliance and security are the keys to Courion's continuing success. Last we briefly discuss the concept of "federated provisioning".

Show Notes:

Internet Identity Workshop

Your questions for Dick Hardt and Johannes Ernst please!

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  1. Your direct MP3 download link is missing on this episode.

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