Episode #23

In this episode of The Story Of Digital Identity (logo) I interview Bill Washburn and Tom Maddox of Opinity.

Founded in 2002, Opinity is the first online personal reputation services company. Based in San Jose, California, the company's management team has 40 years of combined experience in high technology. Wongyu Ted Cho, chief executive officer, and Doyon Kim, chief product officer, founded successful Internet start-ups Dialpad Communications and Serome Technology, growing large-scale web services from inception to acquisition.

The following is taken from Opinity's "Market" information (see):

Anonymity is both the best and the worst aspects of the Internet. It liberates users from the superficial limitations of age, ethnicity, and gender; however, it also conceals the identities of unscrupulous users. Opinity's online reputation services protect individuals and businesses from the negative effects of anonymity without sacrificing the benefits of privacy.

Opinity is the first online reputation services company. It is the only organization to offer a consolidated view of quantitative and qualitative data from multiple online and offline sources. Opinity offers insight into individuals' past history on the web rather than business ratings such as those offered by BizRate, and Opinity's services are open to anyone who interacts or transacts business on any website rather than being a closed ratings system such as that offered by eBay.

Instead of inviting government to intervene in Internet commerce due to lax security, Opinity is leading the private sector to non-intrusive self-regulation. By partnering with Opinity, peer-to-peer companies give their customers access to a well-rounded view of the reputations of others with whom they may choose to interact and transact business. Having the data to make informed decisions makes interactions and transactions safer and more reliable. This, in turn, builds credibility and trust among customers and assures repeat and referred business.

Opinity gives individuals access to the information they need to make smart decisions regarding their peers on the Internet. Using Opinity, they can interact, buy, and sell with confidence. It also gives them the ability to evaluate and manage their own reputations, including control over the level of disclosure of personal information.

Show Notes:

Opinity's Blog 

John Postel

Elliot Maxwell





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    Episode #23 | STODID – The Story of Digital Identity

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    Episode #23 | STODID – The Story of Digital Identity

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