Episode #19

In this episode of The Story Of Digital Identity (logo) I interview Robin Wilton, Corporate Architect in Sun Microsystem’s CTO Team.

Robin’s post titled, “Is ‘user-centricity’ the answer to identity fraud?” was the impetus for my interview with him because it addressed some issues related to user-centric identity and various types of liability I’ve been thinking about with regard to identity providers (those entities in the user-centric “model” that will issue claims on behalf of the individuals who use their services).

In this interview Robin describes his job at Sun and we talk in some detail about the concept of user-centricity and how in many contexts intermediaries will necessarily play a role despite end-user control of their “digital identity.”

Show Notes:

Crystal Meth Addicts and ID fraud

Bruce Schneier

Willie Sutton

Mass Data Compromise


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2 Responses

  1. […] I’ve just seen that Robin Wilton has been interviewed for the Story of Digital Identity. I have a lot of respect for Robin and his thoughts on Identity, so I’m off to listen to this one. […]

  2. […] I recently posted about Robin Wilton being interviewed for the Story of Digital Identity, and a posted comment from Robin remined me that I never revisted that post and made comment on the actual interview. […]

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