Episode #16

In this episode of Postage Size TM Kaliya Hamlin and I speak with Marc Canter of Broadband Mechanics.

Marc is one of the most recognized people in the sphere of social networks and blogging. Over the years Marc has also traveled all over the world, consulting to global corporations (AOL, EMI, Sony, JVC, Fujitsu, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Kalieda Labs and many others) and delivered speeches and seminars about the multimedia industry and burgeoning world of micro-content publishing and social networking.

He is the founder and CEO of Broadband Mechanics, a digital lifestyle aggregator (DLAs) company. Broadband Mechanics builds new kinds of tool and environments which enable everyday people to create and maintain new kinds of online communities. Additionally, it allows people to integrate, aggregate and provide appropriate levels of customization to media, communication and personal publishing. Through his company he has consulted Tribe.net, a leading social network funded by Mayfield, Knight Ridder, and The Washington Post Company.

Marc co-founded MacroMind in 1984 and began developing for the newly launched Apple Macintosh. MacroMind became Macromedia in 1991. He was part of the team that created the first multimedia player, the first cross-platform authoring system and the world’s leading multimedia platform. Marc was considered one of the founders of multimedia and the strongest evangelist in the industry for nearly a decade.

Prior to MacroMind, he worked for Bally-Midway programming music for videogames. He programmed the first ever licensed music (“Peter Gunn” for Spyhunter) and killed more aliens and saved the planet earth more times than he would like to count. He started his career after college when he went to New York City to help his friends build a music studio called “Noise New York.” It was during this time that Marc gained valuable experience and expertise working with laserdiscs, laser light shows, NAPLIPS, pro audio and video equipment and a new technology called videodiscs.

(Note portions of the above were copied or modified from the original version which can be viewed here.)

Show Notes:
Identity Gang (Lexicon)
– Dick Hardt

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  2. Tony,

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    I haven’t had this problem with subscribe links on other sites, but it could very well be something on my end. I’m not tecchie enough to know why. Hope that helps 🙂

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  5. Tony,

    I’ll be looking out for other reports of problems with the iTunes link. I can’t seem to make it fail so I’m putting the head-scratching behind me until this problem shows up again.

    Thanks for subscribing!

  6. […] One of the people who has thought most deeply about the Laws of Identity is Aldo F. Castañeda. He studies Law and Business Administration at Suffolk University Law School. His blog is the home of his legal thesis, which grapples with intellectual property issues in the emerging digital identity space. He is also doing what must be the definitive series of interviews with people working in this space, called The Story of Digital Identity. He’s currently up to Episode 16 (!), an interview with Identity Woman and Marc Canter. […]

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